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The origin of "Detwiler"

The surname Detwiler is a toponym, meaning it describes where someone is from. In this case, it means "someone from a place called 'Detwil'" Where was Detwil? Family tradition says was near Zurich in Switzerland.

There is no village of "Detwiler" or spelling variant presently listed in canton Zurich. The village of Daetwil, "formerly Tetwiler," is in the canton Argovie, but is only 25 km NE from Zurich. It is presently part of the city of Baden.

The village of Develier, which in German form would be similar to Detwiler, is in the Swiss canton Jura, on the western border of Switzerland and quite some distance from Zurich.

Other Detwiler towns in the region include two in the Alsace region (near the Rhine) of France: a town in the Alsace region of France Dettwiller in canton Saverne, and Dietwiller in canton Sierentz.

Switzerland was a hotspot of early Anabaptist activity and subsequent persecution. The region around the Rhine, most famously the Palatinate on the German side, was home to many Anabaptists displaced from Switzerland in the 1600s. The Palatinate region welcomed the immigrants for a time, but by the late 1600s the welcome was beginning to fray. Many Anabaptists emigrating in the early 1700s seem to have had their last residence there.

For a discussion of the history of the Detwiler name in Europe, see this document, a translation of a web site written in French.

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