Record of
The 1899 Plank Reunion
Wooster, Ohio

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[Provided by David H. Plank, great grand son of Dr. David Heber Plank of Morgantown, Pa.--SD]

Wooster Daily Republican
Thursday September 20, 1899

Planks Galore

Assembled at Highland Park

Yesterday’s Reunion

It was an Enthusiastic Gathering of a

Well-Know Family - A Good Programme

Successfully Carried Out - Reunion

 Goes to Indiana Next Year


The second annual reunion of the Plank family was held at Highland Park yesterday. Relatives were there from far and near, from East and West, and all mingled together with that happy familiarity that is always productive of a good time. The morning was mostly spent in shaking hands and renewing old acquaintances. About two hundred members of the family were present. This was a very good attendance for such a threatening, disagreeable day as yesterday.

At noon the well-filled baskets were brought out and a dinner fit for kings was spread in the pavilion.

After dinner, when the tables were cleared away. The meeting was called to order by President A. P. Neal of West Salem. The first thing on the programme was a hymn - “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name,” led by Choristers L. H. Plank and John P. Blough, in which all the company joined heartily. The assemblage was then led in prayer by Rev. David Plank, of Bellefontaine.

After the minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary S. P. Harizier, of Weilersville, President Neal read a short and most interesting paper, in which he portrayed the growth and characteristics of the Plank family. “In their homes”, he said “our ancestors were model men and women. It is the memory of these homes that is largely responsible for our coming here today. These homes have made us what we are. Let us cultivate the home spirit and strive to build up and have such homes as were ours.”

The paper was followed by a vocal duet by Miss. Gertrude Plank and J. P. Blough, which was well rendered and well received, after which D. J. Johns, of Goshen, Ind., gave a short and interesting talk on “The Object of Family Reunions”.

The “History of the Plank Family” had been prepared by D. H. Plank, of Garden City, Mo., who was unable to be present. The paper was read by secretary Harizler.



History of the Plank Family

To all akin, Greeting: In the name of the Most High, Whom we should all reverence, this our second historical sketch of the Plank family:

In looking over the different families and occupations of the third generation, we find those of Jacob Plank were mechanics and millers; of Christian Plank, farmers; Jacob Plank, mechanics and one miller; David Plank, one farmer, two mechanics; Jephita Plank, all farmers but one , a carpenter; and of Abraham Plank, of the seven boys all were millers but one , he a blacksmith, and in the family of the oldest daughter, five are millers and one a merchant. This being a family of millers, I think we must credit a part of it to the mothers.

Taking the fourth generation we find them diversified in the various occupations, from a barber to a dude, and the barber will come as near as giving a man a shave, hairdress, shampoo, dust, and a lecture on the leading topic of the day as any other living barber of this age. As to the dude, I will say nothing about him.

As to the girls of the second generation, they have married principally farmers, and of the third, we find a great many of them farmers.

In looking up the genealogy of the different families, beginning with the oldest of the third generation, namely Jacob, his living descendants number 157 males, 149 females, total 306; and of the fourth four are living, two males and two females, the oldest - Jephtha Plank - being about 81 years of age; the youngest - Mrs. Anna Sharp - aged 61. The most notable event that has occurred was the 55th marriage anniversary, celebrated at their home in Pulaska, Ia., 58 members of the family present, including 33 grandchildren, one of whom is married. Mr. and Mrs. Plank were married in Wayne County, Oh., August 15th, 1844, moved to Iowa in 1846.

The number of living descendents of Christian Plank are male 167, female 154, total 321. The oldest member living is Isaac J. Plank, Cass County, Mo., age 78; the youngest Mrs. Franny Blough of Goshen, Ind., age 61.

 The living descendants of Jacob Plank are male 150, female 117, total 267; the oldest John Plank, of Springfield, Mo., age about 80, the youngest Mrs. Lydia Cramer, of Waverly, Mo., age 66.

The living descendents of David Plank are male 24, female 32, total 56. The oldest is A.K. Plank, of Cass County, Mo., age 74; the youngest Mrs. Nancy Blough, of Garden City, Mo., age 57.

The living descendents of Jephtha Plank are 47 male, 55 female, total 102. The oldest being Hannah Brenneman, of Smithville, Oh., age 70, the youngest S.K. Plank, Orryville, Oh. Age 62

The descendents of Abraham Plank are male 38, female 15, total 53. The oldest being Hiram Plank, of Lodi, Oh., age 61, the youngest Albert Plank, of Jeromeville, Oh., age 44.

The living descendents of Barbara Miller are male 22, female 18, total 40; Jacob being the oldest, 72 and Saloma Detwiler the youngest, both of Wellersville, Oh. The family of Jno. Yoder being omitted as not having a report.

The living descendents of Family Schrock, she bring the oldest living member of he Jacob Plank family in her 95th year if yet alive, are 156 males, 91 females, total 247.

The living member of Salome Erb are male 34, female 43, total 77. Mrs. Gerke being the oldest.

The living descendents of Mary Zook are unknown to the writer. The oldest is Ezra, age 67.

We will now leave this branch of the family and turn to the John Plank family of the second generation. We find he moved to Holmes County, Oh. Germen Township, about the year 1810 or’ 12, where he “pitched his tent” upon a large rock, four saplings answering for tent poles, which he covered with blankets, until he could prepare better shelter, and in a dent in the rock he ground corn for his family, so tradition says. At the time he moved there, there was a noted Indian by the name of Lion, who had his rendezvous in the immediate vicinity, he claiming to have 99 tongues, and when taking offense from anyone, claiming theirs should be the 100th. His family consisted of 10 children, all living to manhood and womanhood, and raising families ranging from five to eighteen in number. The youngest of the family, Mrs. Maria Yoder, now of Goshen, Ind., raised a family of 13 children, all living at the present time and having families of their own. Mrs. Yoder was born February 26th, 1821.

The names of the children of John Plank in their order are: Peter, born October 25th, 1800; Rebecca, December 20th, 1801; John, March 23rd, 1803; Isaac, July 20th, 1805; Martha, November 20th, 1806; Lydia, November 20th, 1808; Joel, December 5th, 1810 - having died within the last year at the age of 89; Elizabeth, June 17th, 1814; Elias, November 22nd, 1817, and Maria as given above.

Joel had six children - two girls and four boys, but of their families I have no account.

We find the living descendents of Mrs. Maria Yoder number 13 children, 62 grandchildren and 39 great-grandchildren, total 114.

The family of Lydia Kauffman numbered 12 children, four being dead. Of the living, three daughters and five sons. Of the grandchildren 46, great-grandchildren 36, total 90. We find that one of the sons Isaac, viz., John, moved to Iowa about 50 year s ago, received a letter from two of his sons some time last winter, and the same getting misplaced failed to get the information in regard to their family until to late. Their address is Iowa City, Ia., they being in the Jewelry business.

As we have received only a small part of the record of the genealogy of the Christian Plank family of the second generation, we will omit their part of the genealogy at this time. Of Peter and his prosperity I have been unable to find anything. The Peter alluded to in last year’s history is from a different branch of the Plank family.

Having access to Rupp’s “Record of Emigrants,” containing 37, 000 names from 1727 to 1776, I failed to find the name of Melchoir Plank. The year 1745 was a blank, with the exception of six names, but find that on August 30th, 1749 one Hana Jacob Blank landed in Philadelphia. October, 1751 the names of Hans and Christian Blank. Sept 23rd, 1752 I find the name of Fredrick Plank, landed in Philadelphia, also the names of Jacob Blank, Nicholas Blank, and Hans Blank. Oct. 22nd, 1754, find the name of David Blank. In the year 1710 from France, being a Huguenot, the name of Dr. Jacob DePlank. In corresponding with Dr. D. Heber Plank, of Morgantown, Pa., he is of the opinion that Melchoir Plank is a descendant of Dr. Jacob DePlank, of 1710; he having access to records in Pennsylvania and has failed to find the name of Melchoir Plank on the record of emigrants to America, there being a Melchoir Plank in the genealogy of Dr. Jacob D. Plank, who hw thinks is the Melchoir referred to in our last year’s history.

This concludes our second historical sketch of the Plank family. Much more could be given if time and space would permit, but not wishing to weary the patience of the august assembly, both great and small, and hoping that the writing of the history and genealogy of the illustrious Plank family will be continued until a full history is obtained, I on behalf of the Planks in Missouri, wish you all a pleasant time at the reunion.

Hoping none will leave the park hungry, I remain your well wisher,

 D. H. Plank,

 Historian for 1899

Garden City, Mo., Sept. 18th, ‘99

Short Talks

After the history had been read, Joha Oliver Plank, of Chicago, and Isaac Plank, of Blandor, Pennsylvania, were called on for short talks.

Next Reunion in Indiana

Upon an urgent invitation by A.J. Harizler, of Topeka, Indiana, it was unanimously decided to hold the next reunion somewhere in either Lagrange or Elkhart counties, Indiana, the place to be decided on later.




Election of Officers

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

President, Rev. Will Schrock, of Spencerville, Ind.: Vice President, C.P. Yoder, of Goshen, Ind.; Secretary, Adam J. Harizler, of Topeka, Ind.: Corresponding Secretary, C.J. Plank, of Lima, Ind.; Treasurer, Isaac Schrock, of Middleberry, Ind.

After the elections a number of familiar songs were sung in which all joined heartily. The family picture was next taken by S.H. Dawson, after which the reunion adjourned.

Names of Those Present

Seth Gerig, Mrs. Gerig, Mr. And Mrs. J. R. and Nora Hoffman, Smithville; Isaac Plank, Blandon, Pa.; John Oliver, 332 Margaretta Building, Chicago, Ill.; F. R. Plank, Ashland: Samuel R. King, Topeka, Kan.; Fern Wanamaker, Warren; Maud M. King, Clyde; Elma Neal, West Salem; S. F. Plank, Lodi; Mr. And Mrs. P. J. Harizler, Mrs. Jacob Y. Kurtz, Weilersville; Henry Clyde Plank, T. P. Bowman, Mrs. Flora and Neal f. Bowman, Ethel M. Plank, Wooster; J. J. Zook, Orrville; Mrs. J. B. Neal, Mrs. Mary Plank Bowman, Bowman; Mr. And Mrs. M. C. Lichtenwalter, J. M. Yoder, Mrs. J. M. Yoder, Ruth L. Vonne Yoder, Emma C. Harizler, Hanna Brenneman, Franny L. and Jay Schwin, Fanny Plank, Smithville; Salome Plank, J. A. and Franny M. King, Beilefontaine; A. L. Zook, Orrville; G. K. Zook, Chase, Mich.; Mrs. S. F. Plank, Lodi; A. L. and Libbie A. Byier, Wellersville; J. K. and Fannie Detweller, L. H., Mrs. Anna B. Bert, Earl B. and Gertrude Plank, Wooster; Mr. And Mrs. Adam Detweller, Wellersville; M. E. Yoder, Wooster; Mrs. Barbara E. and Bert Fetter, Wellersville; E. A. Neal, East Liverpool; L. F. Boots, Ashland; S. P. Mrs. Dora Jewel, and Hazel Harizler, Wellersville; Anna V. Klopfensteir, Smithville; S. S. Harizler , 106 ½ Sherman Street, Akron; Mrs. M. Palmer, Wooster; Mrs. Hiram Plank, Lodi; Mrs. Benj Steel, Gallon; A. K. Plank, Jeromeville; Ann B. Plank, Wooster; Fanny Plank, Mrs. A. Homan, Ashland; Alice, Warren; Melissa A. Plank Miller, Orrville; Russell B. Lichtenwalter, Smithville; Belva Wanamaker, Warren; Mr. And Mrs. Abram Plank, Wooster; Chauncey King, Orrville; A. J. Hartzier, Topeka, Ind.; Mr. And Mrs. Christian Yoder, Beilefontaine; Noman Plank, Lodi; Richard Johnson, Zolia Greenwald Johnson, Maseillon; Mary Rich Blough, Wooster; Mary Detwiler, Weilersville; Ezra Zook, Orrville; John P. Neal, Butler; Mrs. Albert Walter, Ralph and Paul Plank, Jeromeville; N. Shapp, Nancy Harizler, Garden City, Mo.; Etta Plank, Lodi; Morah Evans, Gallon; Frank Blough, Goshen, Ind.; J. King, Ligoaler, Ind.; Nannie Stigamier, Clyde; M. A. Blough, Wooster; Leroy Neal, Barnettville; C. J. Plank, Lima, Ind.; Sarah Plank, Butler: H. R. Neal, Union City, Pa.; A. P. Neal, West Salem; Cal Neal, Dayton; F. B. Neal, Rushville, Ind.; Jacob Miller, Wellersville; Mrs. John M. Yoder, Wooster; Joseph Plank, Orrville; Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Schrock, Spencerville, Ind.; Mr. And Mrs. Isaac Schrock, Middlebury, Ind.; John and Mrs. P. Blough, Heber R. Blough, M. Luther Blough, Wooster; L. F. Plank, Smithville; David, Alvin, Fannie, Emma and Mary Schrock, Orrville; Mr. And Mrs. H. J. Hartzler, Fern and Merle Hartzler, Mr. And Mrs. John Klopfenstein, M. C. and Florence Klopfenstein, E. E. Lichtenwalter, Smithville; Mr. And Mrs. S. K. and Adam Plank, Orrville; Mrs. O. B. and Ward Schlossnagel, John M. Yoder, Wooster; Anna and Harry Bowman, Oliver Plank, Butler; Mattie King, West Liberty; Lucile F. Brenneman, Smithville; Larinda Kurtz, Mr. And Mrs. David Hartzler, Frank and Harry Hartzler, Mr. And Mrs. Daniel W., William B. Isaac, Alice, Alpha, Harry G. and Jay B. Brenneman, Weilersville.