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Welcome, Cousin!

This website begins with Sam & Stella Detwiler and goes backward through their ancestors.

This is a work in progress. I will be refining it and adding more information as time goes on.

The sources for this information include:
Family histories
Other websites

At this point in time, I have not been able to use many primary sources to back up this information, but that is my ultimate goal. In the meantime, I am relying on the diligent research of others. I have simply gathered it in one place.

NOTE: I have spelled all Detwilers as "Detwiler" as a convenience. Be aware that most Detwilers of our line previous to Joseph Meyer Detwiler, who moved to Ohio from PA, spell their name "Detweiler." And many eastern PA Detweilers still do. For all other surnames, I have tried to maintain the spelling used by or associated with the individual.

NOTE 2: For you Seville Detwilers, you may notice a different early history from the one we all recieved from Grandma Stella. Our traditional family lore says Martin Detwiler came to America on the Crown in 1749. Well, a Martin did, but evidence strongly suggests that that was the wrong Martin. OUR Martin was a farmer born and died in Montgomery County, PA; it was his grandfather Hans that immigrated in the early 1700's. Hans most likely was among immigrants from the Palatinate section of Germany. The Detwilers probably moved to the Palatinate from Switzerland during the persecution of Anabaptists in the 1500 & 1600s.

As for the Crown story, you will see in this website that the Our Martin was born in 1748; had he been on the Crown, he would have immigrated at the age of 1 year. Infants were not listed on ships' rosters; only male heads of household typically were. The Martin on the Crown is spelled "Dattwyler" on the ship's manifest (see the Crown passenger list here), though the difference in spelling means little. There was also a Martin "Dartwiller" who came in on the Phoenix in 1749. One of these Martins may be the progenitor of the Deadwyler family that hails from the southeastern US.
More information on the web:
Detwiler Genealogy Forum
List of Crown 1749 Passengers
Palatines to America
If anyone has information to support or refute the Crown story, please share. Uncle Ralph of Seville and Cousin Sam of Columbiana both discount the Crown story. Uncle Ralph has a transcription of family records from an early family Bible written in German that supports the non-Crown story.

Many, many thanks to all the genealogy websites from whom I gleaned data.

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